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“This work is food for my soul!” - Teanna Williams, Owner

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Focus On You Private Care

I have always had a passion for helping others reach their highest potential. In high school, I was a hospital volunteer (remember Candy Stripers?) and tutored students who struggled academically. Interwoven through my various career roles is the common thread of connecting with and helping people. Regardless of my position, I have always enjoyed creating a better situation for others. As a wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter, I’ve experienced the benefits of having help from quality Caregivers and know the challenges of not having that critical support in place.

If you want to connect with passionate Caregivers eager to help you live the life you desire, please call. We look forward to focusing on you!



Our Vision

Focus On You Private Care was established because we know that clients and families desire to have as much control as possible over their personal care. We love this work: helping you find the best solution for your specific situation. Truly, the focus is on you.

After spending 10+ years in healthcare human resources on a corporate level, the opportunity arose to share our expertise directly with consumers. We focus solely on the relationships between the person(s) receiving care, their loved ones and those providing care. If these relationships are solid, everyone benefits. Focus On You Private Care is 100% devoted to supporting the safety, quality of care and satisfaction of clients, families, and Caregivers.

Our Mission

To become THE regional resource for adult personal care.