Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why hire a Caregiver directly instead of using an agency?
  • How much does your service cost?
  • How does your service work?
  • How do I pay my Caregiver?
  • When do I pay the Caregiver?
  • How many hours do Caregivers work? Is there a minimum number of hours I must pay for?
  • Do I pay up front for your services?
  • Will Medicare or Medicaid cover all or some of the cost of my Caregiver or your service?
  • What if things don’t work out with my Caregiver or I am not satisfied with your services?
  • How complicated/difficult is it to hire my own Caregiver?
  • Is Workers’ Compensation insurance required for my Caregiver?
  • Is my Caregiver licensed and bonded?
  • What does it mean to be licensed and bonded? Should I require both?
  • How can I reduce my risk in hiring a Caregiver?
  • How much do Caregivers charge?

Some benefits of hiring a Caregiver directly:

  • You select a Caregiver based on qualifications most important to you
  • You hire from the most qualified applicant pool
  • You communicate directly with your Caregiver
  • You control the work schedule, outings, activities, etc.
  • Stronger bonds between Caregiver, client and family members
  • Stronger consumer power; your money goes further

Our most common service, helping you hire a Caregiver who meets your requirements, starts at $200. That is a one-time, all-inclusive fee. Each service we offer is customized for your unique needs. Please call us for a quote on a service we can provide to you.

Simply put, you tell us what you are seeking, and we find it for you. Our specialty is helping you find solutions for your adult care needs. Services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruiting and screening Caregivers for you to interview
  • Helping you make Caregiver hiring decisions
  • Researching and comparing viable care options for you to consider
  • Providing immediate, on-call Caregivers

We go to great lengths to ensure your adult care needs are met. If we cannot meet your needs, we will refer you to someone who can.

We always advise you to pay your Caregiver through a traceable method. Paying by check, your bank’s bill pay service or using an app are all good options. Also, we partner with industry leaders with the expertise to make paying your Caregiver and handling taxes easy and risk free.

Caregivers prefer payment either weekly or bi-weekly. Your Focus On You Private Care Consultant discusses that with you prior to finding Caregivers. That way, we make sure the pay periods work for you and the Caregiver.

Caregivers work a variety of schedules and we work to find the Caregiver who meet your needs.

No, you are billed once service is completed. Payment is due 2 weeks from the billing date.

Unfortunately, no. You must work with a Medicare-certified home health agency for Medicare/Medicaid to cover the cost for your Home Health Aide. Long term care insurance, if you have it, will cover some or all Caregiver costs and we are happy to assist you with that.

Our guarantee is that we will replace a Caregiver at no additional charge within 2 weeks of the Caregiver’s start date if things are not working out satisfactorily or we have not met your requirements. We do work closely with you and the Caregiver within the first 2 weeks to help properly establish the relationship. If we need to make a replacement, we expect that you are open and honest about what made you unhappy.

Our service makes the entire process simple. You tell us what you are seeking, we find it for you AND handle all the details (criminal background check, drug screen, reference checks, etc.). Including our one-time fee, you will save an average of 20% compared to using an agency. Best of all, the control and customized service you receive is priceless.

We highly recommend obtaining a policy to eliminate financial risks. We partner with a select few industry leaders who can help you with a convenient and affordable solution. Remember, when you hire a Caregiver directly, you are getting customized care and still saving money! Workers’ Compensation is not required for household employers in Georgia or South Carolina.

Yes, if that’s what you require. We verify that all requirements are met. We know that each client’s situation may be different. We learn what you are seeking and advise you on the levels of providers available. You are always in control and free to make the best decision for you.

Licensed (or Certified) means that the Caregiver has passed regulated exams that meet state requirements. Licensed/certified Caregivers are listed on state registries.

A fidelity bond is a type of insurance that covers losses due to fraudulent or dishonest acts.

What you should require really depends on your specific situation. Focus On You Private Care can help you consider the best options.

By letting Focus On You Private Care help you! We look at the big picture and recommend adult care solutions specifically for you.

Caregivers are generally paid on an hourly basis. Currently the range for CNAs (Certified Nurse Assistants) is about $12 – $15 per hour. Non-certified Caregivers usually charge a little lower; licensed nurses charge higher.